10 easy eco swaps for my family.

So, im not a massive eco warrieor or anyhting but i am going to take the time in 2020 to think a little harder about the environment with the enphasis on small, inexpensive changes to my day to day life that will eventually become habits and help me to live a ittle greener. Here are ten of the simplest ways ive started doing this in the new year.

Recycle more-
Where I live in Devon we are actually really lucky that our recycling gets taken every week and our refuse only once every three weeks. We’ve essentially been forced to recycle. Whilst it was difficult to get used to it at first, Its made me an absolute recycle ninja now. we have three recycling boxes at home, one for tins and plastic, one for cardboard and Glass one for refuge and then on the side I keep one for vegetables peelings and other food waste we are down to about 2 Bags every 3-weeks of refuge amazing.

Less packaging think about getting your milk and juices delivered to your door every couple of mornings in nice glass bottles Ella the 1950s often cheaper and more convenient and there’s nothing like drinking a glass of milk in the mornings from a nice cold glass.

Put your packaging two 2 less plastic you will be surprised what you can find and what shops are in your local area that will help I’ve recently started buying my washing up liquid as a solid bar it’s amazing it genuinely works better than on the ferry I was buying and save tons of plastic EK5 by mine at the little fox soapery. Making your own cleaning products using white vinegar bicarb and lemon juice and the like and refilling squirty plastic bottles zoflora can it also come in glass bottles which are much more easily recycled and refilled

Consider switching you and your families eating habits a little I’m not talking going full vegan here but little changes really do make an impact for example could you do a meat free Monday could you do a meat-free week with your family

Walking and public transport-
Think about ways that you can increase your walking and use the public transport in your day-to-day life for example do you think you could get the kids to school by walking once or twice a week or dust off those bikes in the garage or what about the bus often cheaper van parking in some places just think about how you can impact the environment at the same time as going about your day-to-day chores.

Did you know that this many sanitary towels tampons and related waste washing up on Australian beaches every year something really simple that we can all do is switch to reusable sanitary ware this includes things like Moon cups and washable sanitary pads not only is this bastard beneficial for the environment but we can also save us money by reusing there are also convenient and buying for many they have been seen to reduce flow when using things like period cups

Revisit your makeup routine how many makeup products contain palm oil which is naturally not very good for the environment you might want to one of the biggest things you can do as well is to consider switching your or your makeup remover wipes and pads and cotton bud for reusable priorities just like a good old flannel you could even look at replacing some of your beauty products with homemade versions to try such as coffee grounds scrub and sugaring when it comes to deodorant it’s probably not even that good for you anyway so look at Natural alternatives and bars and shampoo bars.

I’ve spoken about it before but I have part of my business I hire recyclable cutlery plates and decorations for children’s parties and it got me thinking how swaps and reusable things like this can help the environment 10 times over when looking at buying laser single use items for an event any event how about just putting up a Facebook status asking if you can borrow from some friends it’s surprising what people have in the garage and will be delighted to see you again.

Clothes wise fast fashion is becoming a bigger and bigger problem everybody likes going out and shopping I completely understand that me and cluded but how about thinking of some of the alternatives it can be as simple as buying local from local makers or Etsy or buying second-hand nearly new this especially applies to children’s clothes as we all know no they’re grown out of and barely used so quickly and many instancesf

In conclusion, so fair i have been pleasantly surprised how simple its been to make easy swaps, its a bit like going back to the 50’s i just love using glass bottles, or making a slightly more expensive initial purchase knowing its helping the environment. There are so many others joining the movement, locally to me there is a facebook group started up called ‘saving the planet one tip at a time’ wish i love logging on to to see and answer others questions and pick up some handytips too. i suggest you check that out too. soemthing i woould be aware of is that doing it all too quick and guns blazing doesnt work, pick an area, and wor on that, do your research and bring it in slowly to you and your families everyday life.. you wont look back!

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