Brno Bucketlist Part One

Brno Bucketlist Part One

I seriously cannot believe its less that 12 weeks until i up-sticks with the kids and move all the way across Europe to a country I’ve never been to before. Yep, you read that right, I’ve never even visited the Czech Republic let alone recce’d Brno, the city we are about the be living in. Some would call us crazy, i just call it military life! 

Anyway, we are off soon so I thought I would compile a list of things I have googled, tripadvisored and read on blogs that i want to see, do, visit eat and drink. After a few months I’m going to jump back on and see how I found them and hopefully bring you some hints and tips for visiting the City as well as some hidden gems that I haven’t mentioned here yet!

Here is what (small amount) i know about the city of Brno:

Brno is often referred to as Prague’s little sister, this means its less touristy, cheaper and full of students. Its located in the east of the country in an area called Moravia and is easily reachable from Bratislava, Prague and Vienna. sounds cool right?!


Getting there

You can fly directly to Brno from Stansted or I have insider info that a quick way to get to Brno if you are not South East based is to fly to Vienna ( in Austria) and then travel the 1.5-2 hours to Brno, so i will keep you posted. When we move however, we have decided to drive to the Czech Republic and turn it into a mini holiday with a stop in Disneyland Paris along the way. I’ve just realised that we haven’t actually planned a route so errrr, need to start thinking about that too!

So onto the list. From what I have read so far Brno is a treasure trove of historical sights and fun things to do and cool places to eat and drink… I’m sold! so without further ado, here is my Brno Bucketlist.

Things to see and do

Walking tour- Walking tours ln Brno leave the tourist information centre in the middle of town a few times a day and I have read that its a really good way of getting a feeling for the city and learning about some of the hidden history of the city.

Spillsbeck castle- The Czech Republic is known for its castles and the city of Brno is no different. Built on the side of the hill in the 13th Century Spillsbeck castle looks like something the boys and i would LOVE to learn more about. 

Ossuary- Defintely the most morbid thing on my list but looks so interesting. it’s the second largest Ossuary in Europe ( an Ossuary is a place where bones are kept… in case you didn’t know like me!) I don’t know why, and it sounds creepy, but i’m going to go and find out!

Maximus spa- OK, so this one is just outside Brno and I am SO looking forward to! Its probably the most instagrammable place i have ever seen in whole life with amazing pools, saunas and lagoons. total relaxation and its like, £20 to spend the morning there. say what?! get me there now.

fruit and vegetable market- Every day apart from Monday there is a fruit and vegetable market in the market square in the centre of town. This conjures up ideas of me buying the days fruit and vegetables from local sellers like Belle in Beauty and Beast!

Eating and drinking

There are only really two places on my list here. This is in part to hearing that the Czech Republic isnt really vegetarian friendly and is more well known for cool coffee spots and lunch hangouts rather than nights in fancy restaurants. I will put this to the test when we arrive as i’m sure there will be hidden gems to search out when we arrive.

Super Panda Circus- continuously voted one of the best bars in the whole of the Czech republic this one sounds like alot of fun. Apparently, there is no formal entrance, you have to ring a bell, then a porter takes you to the bar up a set of stairs. It gets even weirder as, apparently, there is no cocktail menu to choose from! I will defiantwly be reviewing this place, but i dont want to give too much away already!

Skog- Somewhere that’s been mentioned to me by people living there at the moment. I dont actually know too much about where this is located, only that itscentral Brno. Its famous amoung locals not so much for its food but for its epic coffee and cool interior, i think i will be checking this place out in the early days as i love nothing more than a good people watch.


I’m going to round off by saying that writing this list has made me feel excited and anxious in equal measures and that the research has made me realise that like any city, there is an awful lot to discover! I’m sure there are going to be many other exciting places haven’t mentioned here but can write about next time. In the mean time, PLEASE let me know below if there is anywhere you think I should visit!

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