easy 3 step beeswax wraps

easy 3 step beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are the way forward.. FACT!

When you get into the more eco way of thinking, the amount of waste we produce everyday becomes absolutely shocking! Something you can make really easily at home and are actually prettier and probably works better than the norm is beeswax food wraps, The alternative to throwaway cling film or tin foil. I use these for everything at home including wrapping up school lunches and snacks, resealing tins, cans and left overs in the fridge.

Beeswax acts as a natural and antibacterial layer to cover the food, much like the peel of an orange, for example. This recipe combines coconut oil and beeswax and is even easy enough for your little ones to help out with too! I’ve also used scraps of old bright cotton fabrics that were left over from when i made my reuseable party bags.this means that the kids will be even more on board with them when they appear in their lunchboxes.

So, what do you need?.. well, its really rather simple:

– scraps of old cotton fabric

-pinking shears

-coconut oil

-beeswax sticks ( i ordered these online but not impressed with the amount of packaging they used to send them so i wont include a link) 


-clean baking tray




– Cut your fabric into squares of your desired size using the pinking shears.

-lay your fabric out flat on the baking tray and rub on a very small amount of coconut oil, i found the easiest way of doing this was to smooth on a layer onto my hands and rub it into the fabric.

-now get grating. grate on your beeswax using the small holes on the grater (see pic above) and grate the beeswax stick on evenly until it resembles about the amount pictured above. To give you an idea i was using about half a stick per 2 small sheets of fabric.

-I then popped it into the oven on the baking tray for about 15 seconds while the oven was on quite a low setting just to melt the wax and the oil together, when the fabric comes out of the oven you can see its all oily and wet looking like the picture below.

-when it comes out, quickly pick it up off the tray (careful it will be hot) and ideally hang it up, i just used 2 pegs on each corner so it dried flat. you will notice it starts drying and cooling extremely quickly.

-there you have it! all done, if you feel its not ‘waxy’ enough you can always grate some more and put it back in the oven for a few seconds.

Please be aware that using these ingredients mean they are not nut free or vegan, due to wax, although this could be easily changed by changing the oil (jojoba is a popular choice) and by substituting the beeswax for another vegan wax alternative.

I’m so pleased with this batch I’ve made and can’t wait to make another! next time i’m going to explore how easy ( or not!) it is to make some little sandwich and snack pouches which will be even more useful for the children’s lunches during the week!

Thankyou so much for reading and I would absolutely love to hear how you get on with making your own!

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