Top tips for your trampoline park visit

Top tips for your trampoline park visit

So, you’re going to a trampoline park for the day. Here is what you need to know to avoid meltdowns, dramas and a whole lot of extra work… it might save you a bit of money too!

We visited our local park in Newton Abbot Devon, which is part of the franchise chain, Flip out. After reading up, we were looking forward to our visit and certainly weren’t disappointed! The park was large enough for the 2 boys (5 and 8) to have THE BEST time in but also not so large I was worried about their safety and them running off and getting lost. It includes foam pits, parkour area, dodgeball courts and ninja warrior course… so much to do! Not forgetting a large café that serves stonebaked pizza and unlimited slush!

OK, so the first thing I’m going to recommend is that you plan ahead. A trampoline park isn’t really the place to just decide on the morning you are going. In my experience, each park has their own timetables with sessions for younger children, fitness classes and some even do evening disco bounce sessions, hop (see what I did there?!) online and decide when you think you want to go. Bare in mind how you feel about bouncing in peak times (on a Saturday afternoon these places are ruled by kids, think lord of the flies here guys)  We opted for a late afternoon Saturday session, which was fairly quiet, although as we were leaving, the lights went off and on came the disco lights and party music! Next time I would definitely look into booking this session!

Call up and book ahead- get this boring step done first, even if your park allows on the day arrival, many parks allow you to sign your disclaimer online beforehand too which makes the arrival and getting in process wayyyyyyy less stressful! Its worth having a look online for any discount codes at this stage. On my last visit to our local park (Flipout in Newton Abbot) we took advantage of the family dine and bounce where we got a large pizza and drinks at the end of our session!

While you are online, get to grips with the parks footwear policy, my local parks make you buy and wear their own socks. This is a health and safety policy and if you don’t wear them, you can’t bounce! Some parks have a barefeet/ no footwear policy, hello verrucas!… but yeah, its better to check ahead and know the policy.

Clothes wise, if you have boobs… wear a sports bra. I wore my Lucy locket leggings, a sports bra and just a baggy top, I put the children in jogging bottoms in a Tshirt and they were just fine. You might want to think about packing a small gym towel, it can get HOT.

As you will be doing so much bouncing, BRING WATER. Its not worth spending extras ££’s on drink when you will want to be gulping it down like there is no tomorrow as soon as you are bouncing.

Another tip, is done forget your pound coins for the locker, such a simple thing to forget, but definitely worth checking so you don’t have to spend the session worrying about your belongings.

Another note on food and drink, don’t go and have a massive meal beforehand. On our last visit, I was lucky enough to watch a little one vomit in the foam bit. It can be very strenuous, and sometimes it all gets to much for the littlies!

Most trampoline parks ask for you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your session, this is so you have time to book in and watch your safety briefing, this is a super important part of any visit and certainly shouldn’t be missed, but do bare in mind, if you arrive very early, and you have already bought your tickets, you will be left waiting in the safety briefing area for along time and with excitable little ones…. This is hard work!

How long shall I spend there? Well, I would suggest no longer than an hour, believe me, this is tiring! If you have slightly older children who you think would benefit from 2 hours, then maybe book the adults in to bounce for the first hour and leave the children to it for the second hour.

A word on Safety, as I mentioned it is really important to listen to the safety brief at the beginning, but when you get in there, stick to it! Its so easy to get carried away and try and do loads of tricks that frankly, you are not capable of. As well as that, encouraging the younger ones to do stuff they’re scared of. Its just not worth it!

After all of this, have fun! They are quite expensive in my opinion but if your children are anything like mine, they had an absolute ball and are desperate to go back! Its also great for them to have time to just run wild as they’re getting a little old for some soft plays now. It is the absolute perfect birthday treat


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