My Design process

My Design process

A few of you follow me over on the ‘gram and have seen a few of my Tshirt and hoodie designs ( shameless plug: if you don’t follow me … do! find me @laurenlovesparties). Its something I love to potter about and do in my spare time as well as occasionally sell a few pieces if I manage to make a particularly cool collection. You probably see me wearing them on the school run and dragging the kids around town on a weekend.

So, yeah… here’s how I make them and the design process I seem to follow.

Usually, I will see something that really sparks my imagination, I’ll snap a quick photo or a screenshot and the cogs start whirring. At the moment I’m really into clunky 90’s design (think Baywatch saved by the bell style) so i’ll spend a few days thinking about the colours I want to use and maybe have a look in my vinyl store cupboard and see what I have then, after a few days i will jump on the computer and get designing.

I like to use Adobe Illustrator for this kind of design work as I know it doesn’t limit anything I can do although in the past I’ve used online editors such as Pic monkey and Canva. both are really great but i find it easier to use my own fonts on there. at this stage I will work in the final vinyl colours I want to use, just so I can get an idea of what the final piece is going to look like. Once I’m happy, I’ll usually leave it floating about on my laptop so I can check back after a few hours and make any last tweaks. It’s then time to save it… and transfer it over to my beautiful Cricut machine.

My Cricut is probably the most expensive ‘just because’ present I have ever bought myself… but it’s been worth every penny. The Cricut is basically a Die-cutting machine, so you can set it to make all sorts of things involving the cutting of loads of different materials including stickers, stencils and T-shirt vinyl. If I start to sell more, I will definitely look at borrowing my brother’s screen printing stuff but for the time being, I love the flexibility and different effects I can get from layering vinyl.

Once I’ve loaded my vinyl and the piece has been cut, its time to get started with the heat press! one of my favourite parts!. Whilst I do have a heat press I’m actually starting to go back to using my trusty iron!.. not sure why it’s just what is seeming to work for me at the moment.

And there you have it, that’s how most of my designs come into fruition, at the moment I’m bubbling over with loads of designs, currently, as I mentioned, ’90s is a massive source of inspiration for me at the moment, I’m also looking at doing some cool stuff with the ‘Barbie’ font ( don’t ask it sounds weird) and as usual, the ‘mama’ thing is still whirring around in my head.

Thanks for listening to my rambles. I could chat about this topic for hours so anything you want to ask, just add me over on the ‘gram


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