My eco party hire mission

My eco party hire mission

There is nothing more heart warming than seeing your child and their friends excited faces at their birthday party, but there is always so much to do, buy and choose from. A big part of my party planning philosophy is to make things easier and more affordable for our customers.

Something we have taken a lot of time thinking about is the idea of reuseable party hire and the way we can make this a simple and more affordable option for our party parents. We are so pleased to announce we are finally going ahead with a collection of fun, easily customisable partyware that is cheaper and less hassle to hire than buying disposable from the shops.

There were loads of options available to us when researching types of equipment to buy but we are really happy with what we have finally chosen. We have a brights and a pastels set, which together can be mixed and matched to come up with some really cool colour combos to match any theme. The collection is BPA free and dishwasher safe. We opted for BPA free plastic over bamboo, not only due to cost durability but the plastic collection can be recycled at the end of their life rather than sent to landfill.

As part of the hire our customers receive:

Cups, plates, bowls, kids cutlery, serving bowls and trays and two serving jugs.

The kit also contains a choice of cute handmade happy birthday banner bunting, we currently have a choice of two but would love to have a few more made up in different themed colours.

A white wipe clean tablecloth finishes off the kit.

To hire, all a customer needs to do is book their hire date, pick up the kit from proper party HQ and return to us 24 or 48 hours later. Its that simple! If a customer has already booked their party with us, we bring the kit along with us and take home when we leave. Customers hiring their party kit from us will receive a discount if their party entertainment is booked with us too.

Something we found absolutely staggering when researching kits was that it is so much CHEAPER to hire kit than to buy disposable! for example, the cost to hire a 30 piece set from us is £15, the equivalent single use items bought from Tesco would cost a staggering £24.30 (at time of research)

At the moment, we are looking into ways of expanding the kit and make it even MORE useful to include things like our reuseable pass the parcel bags, hula hoops, dress up kits and other fun party games.

We would love to hear a little more about anything you would like to see added in the future aswell.


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